World Geriatric Day held on October 1st 2013


                 World Geriatric Day is celebrated every year on 1st October. USM-KLE-IMP-SMS, 3rd year students had Community and Family Case Study Week 8 on October 1st. These students had done house to house survey in their CFCS residency 1. From 30th September they did CFCS Residency 2 at Basavan Kudachi Village.
                    On the eve of World Geriatric Day the students planned health Exhibition at primary school in Basavan Kudachi on 1st October 2013 from 9.30 AM to 1.30 PM. Students displayed posters showing preventive aspects on diabetes mellitus, hypertension, nutrition, blindness control and also measured the blood pressure of elderly who visited the exhibition. While doing CFCS survey on 30/09/2013 & 1/10/2013 families were informed about the exhibition.
                     Villagers visited the exhibition. Community medicine staff helped students to explain posters and Blood Pressure findings in local languages Kannada/Marathi Villagers were happy with the conducted activity.
                     The organizers were thankful to the headmaster and the other teachers of the school, for their help and cooperation.